• Maureen O'Toole

Stop Scary Business Practices

What I’m Thinking About: Scary Business Practices

Banging doors, yelling, slamming phones, threatening messages. And its not even a scary movie, it’s an office!

It’s hard to imagine that these frightening behaviors persist in the workplace. In scary movies, we wait to meet the hero who courageously defeats bad characters. In the workplace, it’s everyone’s job to defeat bad behavior. And, if you can’t change it, run for your life!

Why You Might Be Thinking About This: Missing Employees Mean Missing Business

In horror movies, characters go missing. In scary workplaces, employees go missing. Companies can’t afford to scare off employees.

Employees who escape to better workplaces lead to staffing shortages. And not retaining employees is made more frightening by a shortage of workers overall in the US. A Vox Media article in March 2019 reports “The US is experiencing widespread workplace shortage.” And “At the end of January (2019), the US economy had 7.6 million unfilled jobs, but only 6.5 million people looking for work” according to US Department of Labor.

Why It’s Worth Thinking About: Give Bad Behavior the Ax

Freddy Krueger kept making a come-back in scary movies, dicing and slicing through countless characters. But, in the workplace, it’s time to cut off bad behavior.

Don’t know how to move from horror to happy endings in the office? Get the HR team involved in creating positive business practices, positive leadership training, and professional development training for the whole workforce. Don’t have an HR team? Hire business consultants who specialize in building positive leadership and workplaces.

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