• Maureen O'Toole

Let’s Talk Turkey!

What I’m Thinking About: Don’t Be Chicken to Talk Turkey

Thanksgiving is here--the one day of the year that most American families are talking about, preparing, and enjoying turkey. In the business world, however, it’s always time to “talk turkey!” Talking turkey means talking serious business, speaking frankly. As a business consultant, I frequently meet with business people who have or want to start business but don’t know how to grow it, stabilize it or scale up. They need ideas, guidance and mentoring from someone who isn’t chicken to talk turkey!

Why You Might Be Thinking About This: You’re Looking for Your Piece of the Pie

You see a need that you can meet, a problem you can help people solve, a desire that you can fill. There’s a market for your idea, product or service. But you need the pie cut into bite size pieces: a business plan, a budget, a mission statement, understanding of the marketplace and market trends, an engaging website, marketing plan, etc. There are so many ingredients in the recipe of success. It would be so helpful to bounce ideas off people, have trusted advisors, and get help to move from concept to cash flow.

Why It’s Worth Thinking About: Don’t Wing It!

On any given day, you can find podcasts, videos and books on myriad business topics. Even in the fairly small town of Boise, Idaho, on almost any week day I can find a lunch-and-learn, business seminar, networking event, master mind or business conference. People who have had success are often willing to share insights, best practices and leadership tips.

Do you have a great idea but need some brain share? Don’t do it alone. Build a tribe, find a mentor, join a master mind, participate in a networking group, or hire a trusted advisor.

Ready to talk turkey and move your business forward? The Sandbox Group is ready to help you.