• Maureen O'Toole

Don’t Should All Over Yourself!

What I’m Thinking About: Moving from “I Should” to “Who Could…?”

Recently, Dan and I met with a client whose company is experiencing tremendous growth. The owner understands that implementing system, processes and structure will facilitate scalability and profitability. Warm, friendly, happy and positive, he started the meeting by saying “I should be better at creating systems and structures. But honestly, I hate it. I feel sick when I have to do that kind of work.” I quickly quipped “Don’t should all over yourself!” I pointed out that two of his team members were gifted in creating processes and systems while he was gifted in building and maintaining positive customer relationships. He can bring the customers in and teammates can build the processes that lead to great customer management – a great balance of skills. And a big “Win-Win”! He works in his area of strength and so do teammates, leading to personal and company success and satisfaction.

Why You Might Be Thinking About This: Don’t Should All Over Yourself or Your Employees

Most of us look in the mirror and see what we’re not good at. We share the list willingly, usually with a statement like, “I should be better at (insert skill).” But ask someone to list 10 things that she/he is good at, that create success for themselves and others, and awkward silence usually sets in.

As we work with business owners and employees, Dan and I help people see which business skills, interests and passion individual employees bring to the team and company. We often find that when we hold up a mirror to employees and business owners, they discover that, as a group, they have all the skills they need. But they may need to realign tasks to match the skills and passions with the assigned roles.

Why It’s Worth Thinking About: Seeing Greatness is a Game Changer

Great leaders look for and help employees see greatness in themselves. DISC Testing and Driving Forces are powerful tools to hold up a mirror to greatness in the work place. Moving from good to great happens when individual knowledge, experience, talents and motivations are aligned to positions and tasks. Employee efforts mirror job satisfaction and success. Company efforts mirror greatness.

Ready to see greatness at work? The Sandbox Group is ready to help you.

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