• Maureen O'Toole

Nonpartisan Democratic Leadership

What I’m Thinking About: Democratic Leadership Style

“A democratic leadership style is an open approach to leading, where decision making is shared and the views of a team or group are valued and contribute to the vison, goals and decision that are made. The Greek roots of the word democratic suggest people are participating in power or control.” (www.defining-leadership.com/democratic-leadership-style) In an organization led by a democratic leader, decisions are based upon majority agreement or, at a minimum, with input by the majority

Why You Might Be Thinking About This: Democratic Leadership Works Well in Many Situations

When your team has a high degree of skill and motivation, the “weigh in and buy in” approach creates collaboration, consensus and cohesion. This style works well in a group with strong teamwork skills. Democratic leadership is a good fit for companies which have familiar routines and when a leader is actively developing other leaders. If your team has members with good job and interpersonal skills, hold each other accountable and want to grow professionally, this is a good fit.

Why It’s Worth Thinking About: Inclusive Leaders Rule!

The democratic leadership approach isn’t effective in teams that have a low degree of skill or knowledge or a low sense of interdependence. And a group accustomed to being told what to do may take a while to warm up to and succeed in this environment. However, getting input from team members, helping employees develop leadership skills, and building collaborative, consensus-focused, cohesive teams is always a good idea. Well-educated, experienced employees will appreciate the inclusive democratic style as will stakeholders or shareholders.

Would the democratic leadership style work well in your business?

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