• Maureen O'Toole

It's Hard to Lead in the Dark!

What I’m Thinking About: Organizations in the Dark

So many business people that Dan and I meet are in the dark about how to create a profitable, scalable business. Employees don’t know the direction in which the organization is headed. Neither do the leaders. The organizational leaders don’t have a big picture of the company’s potential. Some are worried about just keeping the lights on!

Why You Might Be Thinking About This: Leaders Shine a Light

By looking past the day-to-day details, business owners can shine a spotlight on company potential - where it could be with focused planning and effort, the Science of leadership. The crafting of a vision of organizational success is part of the Art of leadership. A strong vision can unite an entire company on a path to greatness. Businessnewsdaily.com reports, “Research shows that employees who find their company's vision meaningful have engagement levels of 68 percent, which is 19 points above average.”

Why It’s Worth Thinking About: Illuminate a Vision of Success

A vision statement tells the story of where we’re going and what success looks like. A simple way to look at a vision statement is to answer the question, “What does success look like for us?” Are we industry leaders? Are we global? Are we highly respected? Are we engaged in the community? Are we change leaders? Are we recognized for top service? Are we innovators? Are we philanthropic?

Here’s two examples, “We are thought leaders and innovators in education. Our efforts positively impact generations as well as the communities in which we live and work.” Or “We are acknowledged leaders in the service industry with innovative, environmentally-friendly products and a top-tier customer experience. We fully engage in the communities in which we live and work through volunteer work and philanthropic efforts.”

Are you ready to be visionary? The Sandbox Group is ready to help you. How are things in your Sandbox?

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