• Maureen O'Toole

Get in the Success Equation

What I’m Thinking About: Paint a Picture of Success

My business partner, Dan Long, is a big picture thinker. He’s great at visualizing success and connecting with people and businesses that are winners or ready to be winners. A visual guy and a story teller, Dan finds graphics and stories that relate relevant business lessons in a colorful way. He helps business owners see their business from a bigger perspective and paint a vision for the organization in broad strokes. Then Dan reminds them to share the bigger picture with everyone on the team, preferably with visual representation to bring the words to life. Painting the big business picture is the Art of leadership.

Why You Might Be Thinking About This: Teams Need the Big Picture AND the Small Steps

Dan likes to say, “I catch ‘em, you clean ‘em.” Once Dan helps a business owner see a bigger picture for the company, I step in with business strategies and structures. Strategies and systems bring the big picture into day-to-day, quarter to quarter, year on year snap shots with identifiable actions and goals. Together, strategies (plan to achieve overall aim) for business core competencies (operational excellence, employee engagement, customer engagement, marketing and sales, financial sustainability) and tactics (specific actions and systems) get the team moving in the same direction on the path to big-picture success. Strategies and systems are the Science of business.

Get in the Equation: Big Picture + Small Steps = Success

Use both the Art and Science of leadership to build a successful business. Make sure you see where you’re going before you get too far down the path. Building the bigger picture of organizational success and then identifying the steps needed to move from vision to action are critical to working on the business, not just in the business.

Are you ready to get in the success equation? The Sandbox Group is ready to help you get there. How are things in your Sandbox?

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