• Maureen O'Toole

Own Your Business Before It Owns You

What I’m Thinking About: All Stressed Up and Nowhere to Go

Last week my business partner, Dan, asked a small business owner how business was going. She said, “I don’t own my business, it owns me!” Too many hours, too many bills, too much confusion, too much stress.

How many business owners feel this way? Too many. Too much is too much. Time to take charge of the business.

Why You Might Be Thinking About This: Workplace Stress Sucks

Yes, stress sucks. It sucks the joy out of the business idea that got you fired up enough to start the business. It sucks the energy out of employees. It sucks the fun out of the work place. One of the main causes of stress is not having and using a plan for the business, which leads to confusion about what you're doing, why you’re doing it, who your customer is, and where you’re going.

Why It’s Worth Thinking About: How to Be a Business “BOSS”

To really own your business, take the time to work on the business – analyze the marketplace, determine the most appropriate marketing venues, identify who your ideal customer is, identify your core competencies (the business areas in which you must have success to be successful overall), set annual goals for the company, understand your budget in terms of income and expenses. Understanding the key elements of your business, making plans which address key business areas, and measuring progress against plans is a game changer. Be a BOSS – Business Owner Strategizing Success.

Are you ready to own your business rather than have it own you? The Sandbox Group is ready to help make your work WORK.

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