• Maureen O'Toole

Problem Solving Solved. DO IT!

What I’m Thinking About: Solving Problems Can Be a Problem

Businesses exist because they provide a product or service to solve a problem. Need a ride? Call a taxi, Uber or Lyft. Need food? Go to a grocery store. Need software? Contact a software provider. Got a car problem? Go to a mechanic. But I find very few businesses are good at solving internal business problems. Business problems create stress, anger, fear, dissension, and paralysis by analysis.

Why You Might Be Thinking About This: Tools Help Fix Things

Issues, concerns, problems, complaints – they’re all part of businesses. After studying, teaching and using various problem-solving methods, I created a tool that simplified problem-solving to 4 steps: DO IT!

D – Define the Problem:

What do we need to do?

Why do we need to do something?

When do we need to do something?

O – Own the Problem:

Who needs to be involved in solving the problem?

Who needs to be involved in implementing a solution?

I – Identify Possible Solutions

Assemble the facts and assumptions necessary to solve the problem.

Establish the criteria (“must have”) elements of a solution. Ex. time, money, manpower, software.

Brainstorm solutions.

T – Take Action

Select a solution.

Create a specific, time-driven plan.


Why It’s Worth Thinking About: Problem Solved

Solving problems is often a negative experience in business. By using a simple tool, you can reduce the fear that often accompanies and complicates problem solving. Get better at solving problems and you get better at business.

Are you ready for positive problem solving? The Sandbox Group is ready to help make your work WORK.

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