• Maureen O'Toole

Leading Change from the Front

What I’m Thinking About: No Forward Movement Means Moving Backwards

Dan and I worked with a client whose business was really struggling. The employees were excited to be part of the determining how to create positive change and setting time-driven goals to implement change. The employee engagement was tangible. During planning meetings, however, the owner’s facial expression and body language fluctuated between disinterested and angry. And he regularly expressed doubts about the need to change and the team’s ability to create positive change. Rather than leading from the front, he heckled from the back.

Leaders have to make the call to action on next steps and the effort to create positive change. If the leader doesn’t get behind what needs to happen next, very little will happen next.

Why You Might Be Thinking About This: The View from the Back Never Changes

Strong leaders lead from the front, creating and sharing the vision of where the company is going and why change matters. The leader owns celebrating team efforts to make positive change. If the leader can’t share the vision for moving forward, the organization runs the risk of staying stuck “back in the day”. And in today’s incredibly fast moving and competitive business world, “back in the day” means backwards movement.

Why It’s Worth Thinking About: Lead from the Front or Get Out of the Way

What do you need to move forward? A better communication system? Software tools to create operational efficiency and effectives? A tool to facilitate customer management? An automated payroll? A user-friendly website? Moving to Cloud-based data storage? A Strategic Plan that easily translates into specific actions on a timeline? All of these above? Are you getting behind your role in creating positive change or are you getting in the way?

If your business isn’t moving forward, it’s moving backward.

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