• Maureen O'Toole

Business Rehab Takes Courage

What I’m Thinking About: Business Fixer Uppers

At a recent business breakfast, a man asked for my business card. He’d heard about how Dan and I help business leaders move their organizations forward in an inclusive, forward-looking, positive way. His business was “loaning” C-Suite quality business people– Financial Officer, Executive Officer, Operations Officers, etc. – to companies with a temporary position vacancy. “I heard you do business rehab. I know people who could use your help” he said as we exchanged cards. Business Rehab - what a great way to describe how The Sandbox Group facilitates positive change!

Why You Might Be Thinking About This: Business Rehab Includes Fear

Staying positive in the face of change is a leader’s biggest job. Making change usually involves fear. We wonder “What if this doesn’t work? What if it takes longer than expected? What if it upsets our customers or employees?” Most of us have had negative experiences with business changes like software implementation, mergers, moving, expanding, and creating a new business model. All change is moving from the familiar to the unfamiliar and requires courage and a positive attitude to create positive change. As Raymond Lindquist said, “Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.”

Why It’s Worth Thinking About: Have More Courage than Fear

It takes courage to stop being negative about what could go wrong and be positive about what could go right. As business leaders, we help our team members move past the fear of change to the benefits of change through our words and actions. We acknowledge to our team members that this business rehab may have negatives: Yes, we may have a learning curve. Yes, rehabilitating our business may take time. Yes, things negative things could happen as we make positive change. And we celebrate small wins on the road to the big win of positive business change.

Being positive in a negative situation is not naïve. It’s leadership.

Are you ready for business rehab? The Sandbox Group is ready to help make your work WORK.

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