• Maureen O'Toole

Business, Like Wine, Needs Tending

What I’m Thinking About: Vineyards as a Metaphor for Business

While traveling, I chanced upon an article about a business alchemist, Gerard Bertrand, of Languedoc wines. Not only do I like wine, I like proper tending of a vineyard as a metaphor for business. Vintners are business people who understand that a properly tended vineyard produces great wine. Good vintners use systems and processes that build a productive vineyard, and they understand that, in order to achieve a well-blended final product, it's important to invest time in tending each plant throughout its life cycle.

Why You Might Be Thinking of It: Vineyards, Like Businesses, Must Be Well-Tended

Left unattended, grape vines produce only leaves, no grapes. Stress (pruning, crowding, and removing deadwood) needs to be present for a plant to use its energy to produce fruit. In a similar way, a business left unattended (without processes or systems) will not produce tangible results. To 'tend' your business and achieve maximum growth, you must cultivate processes and systems, follow a defined strategy, and aspire to specific goals and objectives.

Why It’s Worth Thinking About: Don’t Whine. Cultivate a Better Grape

A poorly-structured business is likely to produce “grapes of wrath”: angry customers, disgruntled employees, and stagnant growth. In viticulture, this is like a poorly-blended wine--a wine in which the individual grapes do not work harmoniously to produce a smooth, palatable result. Each aspect of your business needs to work harmoniously to run smoothly and produce a desirable result. Creating systems and processes for your business is an important step in creating a smooth-running system and sweet, tangible success.

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