• Maureen O'Toole

Making the Grade with Customers

What I’m Thinking About: Studying What Customers Want

All products, goods and services exist to meet a customer need, to solve a problem. How well are you serving your customers? Customers can teach us how to have a better product or service.

What do your customers care about? Price? Ease of use? Customer Service? Return on Investment? Fit? Color? Style? Taste?

Do you ask customers for their feedback? Feedback is free advice from the people you want to please.

Why You Might Be Thinking About It: You Want to Earn an A+ Rating

In school, it takes five As to recover from one F. How much effort does it take to earn a new customer when you lose a customer? How much good press does it take to recover from one bad review that is easily re-posted, re-tweeted or repeated?

Better to not lose a customer or get a bad review – “It’s cheaper to keep her.” Ask your customers for feedback and make a better product or service.

Why It’s Worth Thinking About: Let Your Customers School You

Customers talk, tweet, post and blog about their experiences. Happy customers advertise for you! Thank customers for their advice. Let your customers school you so you can make the grade.

Are you ready to learn how to have an A+ business? The Sandbox Group is ready to help.

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