• Maureen O'Toole

Organizational Change

What I’m Thinking About: Managing Change

Change is a constant in life: at home, in relationships, at work. At home, my husband and I are overhauling our old kitchen. In my relationships, I’m experiencing having all three “kids” out of the house and learning to provide support from a distance. Professionally, The Sandbox Group is expanding our customer base.

Change creates stress! Too much change can equal too much stress. So, managing change is necessary to staying sane.

Why You Might Be Thinking About It: Change is a Constant

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) research findings reveal that 61% of enterprises have > 3 significant changes annually and 26% have > 6 changes annually. 48% of respondents believe the pace of change is fast and unpredictable. The negative unintended consequences of change include fear, confusion, anger, irritability, low trust and burn out. Wow! What can we do to reduce the stress?

By taking 6 steps to manage change, you can make change manageable:

  1. C- Communicate, communicate, communicate. Share the need for change, get input, plan for change and share change status through staff meetings, town hall meetings, e-mail, letters and face-to-face meetings.

  2. H- Have a Plan. Have a plan with major decision, actions, and milestones tied to a timeline with specific dates. Share the plan, track the plan, and report progress towards the plan.

  3. A- Accentuate the positive. Highlight the benefits of change. Celebrate progress and completion.

  4. N- Name the reason(s) for change: improvement, upgrades, technology, expansion, effectiveness, efficiency, etc.

  5. G- Get Input. Weigh-In facilitates Buy-In with employees and stakeholders/shareholders.

  6. E- Engage the people involved in and affected by change. Identify “Change Agents” - people who are pivotal to successful change - and a create a Change Management Team. Consider including people beyond the organizational leaders.

Why It's Worth Thinking About: Change is Manageable

The Sandbox Group team help business leaders plan for change: strategic planning, succession planning, growth, scaling up, creating efficiency, and implementing processes and systems. By helping business people and organizations plan for and manage change, we increase the odds that the change will go well and create success.

Are you looking for positive change? The Sandbox Group is ready to help.

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