• Maureen O'Toole

The Start Stops Most Businesses

What I’m Thinking About: Many businesses can’t get started on a trajectory up and to the right.

It’s December and the year is winding down; some companies hit it out of the park and some struck out. Why do some organizations create, innovate and thrive year after year, while others only survive, stuck in a pattern of past years?

What I’m thinking is “What is a common denominator of continual and consistent organizational growth and success?”


Why You Might Be Thinking About It: The start stops most people.

Your business is wrapping up the calendar year and you’re probably thinking about next year’s business landscape. With the New Year weeks away, this narrow window of time provides a special opportunity to reflect on last year or the last couple of years and contemplate what this next year or years can look like.

A friend and business associate recently left a world-wide tech company after a 30+ year career. He was lured away by Amazon, and the primary motivation for a new start was feeling that his former employer was in a downward spiral, while Amazon was rocketing up to new heights.

Once inside the Amazon universe, he saw the reason for the two opposing trajectories. He said that when Amazon employees come up with a great idea, after doing quick due diligence, THEY GET STARTED!!! He said, “Dan, there is no sitting around wondering or worrying about whether it will work. We just get started and we all agree to make the necessary adjustments as we go along. And it works brilliantly! Sure, there are a few failures but, overall, we knock it out of the park.”

WOW! That’s a far cry from his experience with the former employer, who boldly announced “Invent!” as their mantra, but took months if not years to innovate, create, and thrive with a new product or service.

How many business men and women did due diligence and are ready to launch into success but the business model is stuck on the launch pad? How many employees will move on this year to another company when their own won’t make a move forward?

Why It’s Worth Thinking About: You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

What keeps leaders from making changes in their organizations? Is it fear of failure or simply the inability to take a risk? What do you need to start doing in the new year? Whatever is holding you back, don’t let the START STOP YOU!

That’s what I mean when I say “The start stops most businesses!”

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