• Maureen O'Toole

Improving Your Team Batting Average

What I’m Thinking About: Drafting a Team

Business leaders spend more time on managing people and making people decisions than on anything else.

And they should. No other decisions are so long-lasting in their consequences or so difficult to “unmake.”

And yet, by and large, leaders make poor promotion and staffing decisions. By all accounts, their batting average is no better than .333.

News Flash: .666 of your hires likely miss the mark.

Why You Might Be Thinking About This: Batting Averages Define Team Success

If you were a professional baseball player, you might win at batting title or perhaps become a league MVP with a .333 batting average. In the baseball business, .333 is a great stat.

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t in the baseball business. And in most other businesses, .333 success means .666 failure. In no other area of management would we put up with such a low success rate.

If these are your stats, how successful will your business be?

  • One third of hires are high achievers

  • One third are minimally effective

  • One third are outright failures

Why It’s Worth Thinking About: There Are Strategies to Up Your Batting Average

Picking people and getting it right will never be perfect process, but there are ways to get close to batting 1.000.

  1. Before adding someone to your team, do a thorough review of the interpersonal and technical skills you need, and evaluate candidates for both sets of business skills.

  2. Get input from team members on what they need in a teammate, and include employees who will work with the new hire in interviews.

  3. Make sure your organizational values are part of evaluating potential players.

  4. Have candidates participate in multiple interviews, so you can evaluate skills in different settings.

Looking at your staff, do you feel good about your batting average? Are you hiring efficient, high-achieving team members that create success for your organization? Does your work WORK?

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