• Maureen O'Toole

A Perfect Pushup

What I'm Thinking About:

Doing a Perfect Pushup

After decades of pursing personal and professional growth, overcoming challenges, aligning my efforts for a greater purpose, measuring myself against expectations and setting and tracking goals, I’ve decided that I can do one thing perfectly – pushups. What a relief after 55 years to know that there is one thing I have perfected! With four years as a military cadet and 26 years in the Army, I put thousands of hours into learning, practicing and performing pushups. Both internal and external impetus fueled the desire and effort to master pushups. External - Avoid verbal haranguing from a training Sergeant for being "dumber than a box of rocks" or "about as sharp as a bowling bowl" during physical training. Internal - I like being physically strong and pushups work the arms, shoulders, chest and abs. Having strong arms helps with daily lifting, carrying, yardwork and shoveling. And - I admit it - I like having muscular arms. No swinging triceps and "Granny arms" for me. Once I understood the correct form, pushups became an easy habit and one that I easily share with others. What a difference it makes for my pushup protégé when positive mentoring, specific coaching, and ample practice results in a perfect pushup.

Why You Might Be Thinking About It:

What Do You Do Perfectly or Want to Do Perfectly?

Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. When we put our energy into something with the intention of mastery, we build self-awareness, self-motivation, self-improvement and self-confidence. When we commit to mastering something – anything –we increase our ability to focus our efforts on a goal and reach it. The self-awareness, self-discipline, self-confidence and focus needed to create mastery transfers into all other areas of life. If you can master one thing, you can master other things. And you can coach team members to do the same. You get stronger, team members get stronger.

Why It's Worth Thinking About:

Doing One Thing Exceptionally Well Can Help Create an Exceptional Life

Do you want to be a superb leader? An incredible team player? An extraordinary speaker, business owner, strategic planner? Do you want to start a company, scale a company? Pursue advanced education? Organize your office, home or life?

What’s worth hours, weeks, months or even years of effort to perfect? What, with mastery, will provide a profound sense of satisfaction? Why does this matter to you? These are questions worth asking.

Our minds are the most powerful tools we have. Our thoughts create our world. What we put our minds to we will manifest.

What's your pushup?

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