Let’s Talk Turkey!

Ready to move your business forward? Find a trusted advisor to bounce ideas off of--someone who isn't too chicken to talk turkey!

Scare Aware Scary Clients

What I’m Thinking About: Some Clients Are Not a Good Fit With combined 60 years in business, Dan and I have encountered many business...

Hear Past Your Fear

Don't let fear of what might happen keep you from moving forward! Identify the root cause of your fear and work toward a solution.

Stop Scary Business Practices

Scary workplace behaviors like slamming phones and threatening messages scare employees off--which isn't something companies can afford!

Preventing Business Relationship Breakups

Just like in romantic dating, sometimes a few “dates” are needed to establish whether a client is a good "fit" for your business.

You CAN Fix Stupid

Great leaders are continuous learners who invest in their employees. A learning leader can truly “fix stupid.”

Nice Is a Four-Letter Word Too

Does someone in your workplace lead using profanity and haranguing? This type of behavior tears down people rather than building them up.


Focused business efforts prevent business confusion.

Take the Blinders Off

What I’m Thinking About: Possibility Blinders The backbone of business is Idaho is small business, companies with less than 100...

Don’t Should All Over Yourself!

What I’m Thinking About: Moving from “I Should” to “Who Could…?” Recently, Dan and I met with a client whose company is experiencing...

Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good

What I’m Thinking About: Look Good I dress nicely for meetings. Maybe not formal “suit and tie” nice but in clothing that is flattering,...

Heal Your Culture, Heal Your Company

What I’m Thinking About: Sick Culture, Sick Business “This place makes me ill.” “We have a toxic culture.” “This place is dead.” “We’re...

The Benefits of Bossy Leadership

What I’m Thinking About: Autocratic Leadership Style Dan and I work with for profit and nonprofit leaders. We recently worked with an...

Nonpartisan Democratic Leadership

What I’m Thinking About: Democratic Leadership Style “A democratic leadership style is an open approach to leading, where decision making...

Father May Know Best

What I’m Thinking About: Paternal Leadership Style In an organization led by a paternal leader, a “dominant male applies his...

It's Hard to Lead in the Dark!

What I’m Thinking About: Organizations in the Dark So many business people that Dan and I meet are in the dark about how to create a...